Services Digital

All our pricing is based on your files being Print Ready (see below). We can offer additional services as required, please advise what you need doing. 

To help you get started with us we are more than happy to provide you with some test prints to make initial adjustments to your workflow to ensure future work is printed as expected. 

Please supply your files for printing as follows: 

  • 8 Bit (not 16 Bit). 
  • RGB (not CMYK). 
  • Flattened images (no layers). 
  • Sized at the correct dimensions. 
  • No additional channels. 
  • Embedded working colour space (e.g. Adobe RGB or sRGB). 
  • Compress your files into a ZIP folder before sending. 

You can upload your files to us WeTransfer. Please include all your details and the details of your printing request so we can process your order efficiently.